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//The Whispers of my Body

The Whispers of my Body

My body is on a Spiritual journey, it’s on a healing journey
I’m not on a healing journey, my body is. I feel it …
I’m just in the body, I’m Consciousness
My consciousness is already complete

Some may think that loving yourself is selfish and sinful, but is it not more sinful to neglect the beautiful body that you were given? You are with yourself 24 hours out of every day. To take care of, love, and respect yourself is one of the highest honors.

The last years my Body released a lot of trauma, painful memories and stored emotions. In this periode I’ve learned to respect and love my body and its process. Something I have never done before because I didn’t know how. What we learn on school is to train and use our brains. Taught that wisdom is in our head. Never taught about the language of the Body. Feeling the whispers of your Body. We live in a society based on Ego personality. A lot of people still live exclusively in their head. And a small percentage falls into the trap of what I call spiritual escapism, living in the clouds. Both are delusional. More and more we’ve lost the connection with our body.

The key to unlock your potential and living a fulfilling life is Your BODY. The body is not something to be ignored. It’s not something to be neglected. It’s not something to be demonized. And it’s definitely not something to be viewed as an impediment to spiritual growth. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. The body is the portal to spiritual growth. Transformation goes through the body, not away from it. Saying fully Yes to the body and thereby Life itself. 

By giving my body the opportunity to catch up with my consciousness it started to heal. It healed a lot slower then I transform. My consciousness needed to respect my body. What needs to be realized is the body is a unique physical manifestation as a result of the intention for our life. Although we may not be aware of it, our body has a consciousness. It has a wisdom, an awareness and perceptions unto itself.

Which body evolves? Understanding that we have these three bodies, physical, subtle, and causal. We can then ask, which of these bodies is evolving? The soul is immutable. It is pure, absolute and unchangeable, and so the causal body does not evolve. The physical body cannot change much. Spiritual Growth goes through the Body. 

I started to slow down. Especially peace and silence gave space to the whisperings of my body. The more silent I became the more I was noticing my body sensations. It was as if the cells of my body where talking with me. I then started to ask questions each day. How may I serve you beautiful body of mine? My body began to communicate with me and the relationship with my Body slowly started to heal. It’s about being more present in your body. The most spiritual, transformational thing you can do is to be FULLY PRESENT.

Also bodywork, yoga, sauna, dance and connecting more with nature and her elements helped me to connect more with my Body. Our nature is our most powerful teacher in Life. It teaches us to slow down and be present. I was aware that Mother Nature always shows herself to us that her cycles go through a continuous process of birth, death, and renewal. It’s all in perfect balance. In that moment, I was reminded that we, like nature, are also naturally balanced. My intuition started to speak through my Body, it strengthened. 

In this magical journey letting go of the urge being useful I started to feel a new movement. Transition from body consciousness to soul consciousness. Body Consciousness is the endless whirling of the mind from one thought to another thought. Soul Consciousness is derived from experiencing the self as the soul. In the letting go process a lot of old beliefs came up. Especially the one of Pain before Pleasure. I convinced myself I first had to go through all the pain before I should enjoy myself. I couldn’t allow myself to feel joy because I am a mother who is in mourning of not seeing her children. How can I enjoy Life?

All my deeply felt emotions triggered a body response. It was a natural process but it has negative results if we do not have the capacity to process feelings. I became aware of my emotions and how to process them. Starting to reduce and eliminate the negative effects of unprocessed emotions on my body, mind and spirit. Listening to my body language. Saying Yes to my No. My Body felt heard and seen. For the first time I felt safe in my physical Body. Ever since a maybe is also a No.

When it comes to FEELING the body’s yes or no the first big challenge we have is insensitivity. I know in my life I’ve really been a chameleon, shape-shifting and changing my desires, my wants, my YES and my NO to suit who I’m around. But now I know what I desire most in Life. Putting myself first, giving hearing to the whispers of my Body. Respect and honor my Body, its the temple of my Soul. I am grateful for the sacred relationship I’ve already developed with my Body. I am still learning more and more about myself every day.

Life is a Magical Journey. Stop doing Start Being!
You are a Spiritual BE-ING.
Not a Spiritual DO-ING. 

Listen to your body, because the body knows 


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